The metered self vs. managed healthcare IoT - a reality check

  • Lothar Fritsch


Are managed sensor networkes in healthcare threatened by the quantified self wave?
Quantified self – a new concept?
Just a new form of shared social media narcissism?
A form of identity reassurace in the times of lost traditions?
«Dataism» or «Transhumanism» or «datasexuality»?

Self-metering equipment is used in ad-hoc ways, often with little (medical) scientific verification of the claimed benefits
Those technologies are very appealing to users due to the perceived empowerment (see E.Rogers, Diffusion of Innovations)
Self-metering as of today puts all the burden of security and privacy evaluation on the end user. Most systems operate outside the European regualtion frameworks for e-health or data protection
Some applications are beneficial to users already
Most health apps are used for a few weeks only.

This presentation analyzes self-metering and the Internet of Things for e-health from three perspectives: the user's, the health professional's and the privacy researcher's.