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Spatial postprocessing of ensemble forecasts for temperature using nonhomogeneous Gaussian regression

Feldmann, Kira; Scheuerer, Michael; Thorarinsdottir, Thordis L.


Tidsskrift: Monthly Weather Review, vol. 143, p. 955–971, 2015

Utgave: 3

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Trykt: 0027-0644
Elektronisk: 1520-0493


Statistical postprocessing techniques are commonly used to improve the skill of ensembles of numerical weather forecasts. This paper considers spatial extensions of the well-established nonhomogeneous Gaussian regression (NGR) postprocessing technique for surface temperature and a recent modification thereof in which the local climatology is included in the regression model to permit locally adaptive postprocessing. In a comparative study employing 21 h forecasts from the COSMO-DE ensemble predictive system over Germany, two approaches for modeling spatial forecast error correlations are considered: A parametric Gaussian random field model and the ensemble copula coupling (ECC) approach which utilizes the spatial rank correlation structure of the raw ensemble. Additionally, the NGR methods are compared to both univariate and spatial versions of the ensemble Bayesian model averaging (BMA) postprocessing technique.