Decision Support, Metrics, and Estimation Models for SpA Patients' Self-Management

Leister, Wolfgang; Chen, Liming; Schiboni, Giovanni; Qi, Jun; Schulz, Trenton


Utgivere: Norsk Regnesentral

Serie: NR-notat DART/04/2016

År: 2016

This research note contains the combined Deliverables D5.1 and D6.1 of the MOSKUS project. This document describes the concepts for decision making in a self-management setting. The decisions by the system will be used by the patients as guidance. Currently, we have implemented a system based on the same heuristics that are used by health personnel. Further, we suggested reasoning methods to facilitate self-management in a more flexible way by means of rule-based decision support, a fuzzy rule-based evidential rule (FURBER) based approach for deciding on the patient’s current status beyond the currently defined indices and cut-off rules, and an approach that allows temporal reasoning about the disease development.