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Inspiring older people to eat healthily

Fuglerud, Kristin Skeide; Leister, Wolfgang; Bai, Aleksander; Farsjø, Caroline; Moen, Anne


Tidsskrift: Studies in Health Technology and Informatics, vol. 249, p. 194–198, 2018

Utgivere: IOS Press

Internasjonale standardnumre:
Trykt: 0926-9630
Elektronisk: 1879-8365


The APPETITT project set out to contribute to well-being by inspiration to healthy eating. We wanted to create an attractive, accessible, and easy to use tablet application that could support older people at risk of malnutrition. In our approach, home-dwelling older adults are inspired to organise their meals. The app presents pictures of inspiring common dishes and quality-ensured information about nutrition, gives adequate feedback to the users, and thus, contributes to create awareness to prevent malnutrition among older people. We report from experiences from the design and testing of this app.