Aerial Gym - Isaac Gym Simulator for Aerial Robots


  • Arrangement: (London, UK)
  • Arrangør: IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation 2023

Developing learning-based methods for navigation of aerial robots is an intensive data-driven process that requires highly parallelized simulation. The full utilization of such simulators is hindered by the lack of parallelized high-level control methods that imitate the real-world robot interface. Responding to this need, we develop the Aerial Gym simulator that can simulate millions of multirotor vehicles parallelly with nonlinear geometric controllers for the Special Euclidean Group SE(3) for attitude, velocity and position tracking. We also develop functionalities for managing a large number of obstacles in the environment, enabling rapid randomization for learning of navigation tasks. In addition, we also provide sample environments having robots with simulated cameras capable of capturing RGB, depth, segmentation and optical flow data in obstacle-rich environments. This simulator is a step towards developing a - currently missing - highly parallelized aerial robot simulation with geometric controllers at a large scale, while also providing a customizable obstacle randomization functionality for navigation tasks. We provide training scripts with compatible reinforcement learning frameworks to navigate the robot to a goal setpoint based on attitude and velocity command interfaces. Finally, we open source the simulator and aim to develop it further to speed up rendering using alternate kernel-based frameworks in order to parallelize ray-casting for depth images thus supporting a larger number of robots.

Code available at: