uTRUSTit Deliverable D2.8 Final UI-Guidelines for the Trust Feedback Provided by the IoT

Klein, Michael; Wolkerstorfer, Peter; Hochleitner, Christina; Fuglerud, Kristin Skeide; Schulz, Trenton


Utgivere: CURE

Antall sider: 36

FULLTEKST: http://www.utrustit.eu/uploads/media/utrustit/uTRUSTit_D2 8_Final_UI-Guidelines_for_the_Trust_Feedback_Provided_by_the_IoT_FINAL.pdf
PROSJEKT: http://www.utrustit.eu

The uTRUSTit project is an international research collaboration composed of six organizations from research as well as industry. The present deliverable is the final of three versions of design guidelines. The first version, D2.6 – Design Guidelines on the Security Feedback Provided by the “Things” - was presented in month 8. D2.6 included 80 different end-user guidelines, which were used for the development of the user interfaces for the first VR evaluation. D2.7 – Updated Design Guidelines on the Security Feedback Provided by the “Things” – extended D2.6 – Design Guidelines on the Security Feedback Provided by the “Things”; it listed which of the guidelines were used in the uTRUSTit project, presented a first set of interfaces, and described implications of the first VR evaluation, including accessibility issues, design guidelines and concrete user interface improvements for designing Internet of Things (IoT) and Security Assistant user interfaces.
This third and final deliverable summarizes all design guidelines for the design of IoT and Security Assistant interfaces that were obtained from the results of the final real-world evaluation in addition to the two VR evaluations and the legal evaluation of D6.3 – Evaluation Report.
These deliverable implements the knowledge obtained in all uTRUSTit evaluation activities. It shows the integrated results of the uTRUSTit project in relationship to graphical user interfaces for end-user trusted IoT solutions.