Rapport   2015

Schulz, Trenton; Gladhorn, Fredrik; Sæther, Jan Arve



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Trykt: 978-82-539-0541-9


FULLTEKST: http://publications.nr.no/1421328805/NR1031-BestPractices-Accessible-MobileApps.pdf
PROSJEKT: http://www.nr.no/en/projects/bestapps-–-best-practices-accessible-applications

This report is a list of best practices for creating accessible mobile apps. The primary focus is on the Android and iOS platforms, but most items should be applicable to other platforms that come into existence. Besides listing the best practice, we try to give some reasoning about why it is good to follow this practice, sometimes followed by examples. We also provide some information about the types of assistive technology that currently is available for mobile phones. Besides the references in the report, we include a list of references that also include information on accessible mobile apps.