OpenSubtitles 2018: Statistical Rescoring of Sentence Alignments in Large, Noisy Parallel Corpora


Movie and TV subtitles are a highly valuable resource for the compilation of parallel corpora thanks to their availability in large numbers and across many languages. However, the quality of the resulting sentence alignments is often lower than for other parallel corpora. This paper presents a new major release of the OpenSubtitles collection of parallel corpora, which is extracted from a total of 3.7 million subtitles spread over 60 languages. In addition to a substantial increase in the corpus size (about 30 % compared to the previous version), this new release associates explicit quality scores to each sentence alignment. These scores are determined by a statistical regression model based on simple language-independent features and estimated on a small sample of aligned sentence pairs. Evaluation results show that the model is able predict lexical translation probabilities with a root mean square error of 0.07 (coefficient of determination R2 = 0.47). Based on the scores produced by this regression model, the parallel corpora can be filtered to prune out alignments with a score below a given threshold