Robot-Enhanced Language Learning for Children in Norwegian Day-Care Centers


  • Journal: Multimodal Technologies and Interaction, vol. 5, p. 25, 2021
  • Utgiver: MDPI
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    • Trykt: 2414-4088
    • Elektronisk: 2414-4088
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In a case study, we transformed the existing learning program Language Shower, which is used in some Norwegian day-care centers in the Grorud district of Oslo municipality, into a digital solution using an app for smartphones or tablets with the option for further enhancement of the presentation by a NAO robot. The solution was tested in several iterations and multiple daycare centers over several weeks. Measurements of the children’s progress across learning sessions indicated a positive impact of the program using a robot as compared to the program without a robot. In situ observations and interviews with day-care center staff confirmed the solution’s many advantages, but also revealed some important areas for improvement. In particular, the speech recognition needs to be more flexible and robust, and special measures have to be in place to handle
children speaking simultaneously.

Keywords: social robot; mobile app; e-learning; language education; kindergarten; preschool; case study