uTRUSTit Deliverable D2.7 Updated Design Guidelines on the Security Feedback Provided by the “Things”


The uTRUSTit project is an international research collaboration composed of six organizations from research as well as industry. The present deliverable is the second of three versions of design guidelines; the first version, D2.6 – Design Guidelines on the Security Feedback Provided by the “Things” was presented in month 8. D2.6 included 80 different end-user guidelines which were used for the development of the user interfaces for the first VR evaluation. While not all guidelines of D2.6 were relevant for uTRUSTit, it provides a solid basis and can be applied to several use cases in the IoT (e.g., to things are providing scent feedback).
This deliverable extends D2.6 and focuses on the user interface design issues particular to the uTRUSTit project. This deliverable presents a retrospection of the first set of guidelines as presented in D2.6 and lists which of these guidelines were used in uTRUSTit project. We also present this first set of interfaces and the results and implications collected during the first VR evaluation. This deliverable also deals with different accessibility issues which should be considered when designing user interfaces for th e Internet of Things. This deliverable also presents the how the improved design guidelines were included in the final interfaces for the first real-world evaluation and describes how the guidelines should be used when designing a TFT.