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Usability and Accessibility Evaluation of the Upcoming Norwegian E-Vote Solution

Halbach, Till; Fuglerud, Kristin Skeide; Dale, Øystein; Solheim, Ivar; Schulz, Trenton


Del av: Proceedings of Unitech2010 - The International Conference on Universal Technologies Oslo University College, Oslo, Norway, May 19-20, 2010 (Tapir Akademisk Forlag, 2010)

Sider: 156–167

År: 2010

År: 2010


During preparations for a partly electronic solution (called e-Vote/e-Valg) for the municipality elections in 2011, Norwegian authorities have a strong focus on universal design. As a consequence, the usability and accessibility (UA) of all prototypes had to be evaluated. Our technical tests regarding UA standard compliance, as well as personas and user tests reveal that ― despite a fair effort by the prototype providers ― many, rather basic universal design principles are either not fully understood or not prioritized for implementation by the solution providers. However, despite the technical implications, users in general show a positive attitude towards e-elections. A final e-voting solution with a high degree of UA is likely to strengthen democratic principles and lead to a higher participation of the population than currently experienced.