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Rune Solberg; Mapping of snow cover by ERS-1 SAR Ukjent, 1993. Vitenskapelig artikkel

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Tore Schweder; Nils Øien; Gudmund Høst; Estimates of abundance of northeastern Atlantic mink whales in 1983 Reports of the International Whaling Commission, vol. 43, pp. 323 331 9 , 1993. Vitenskapelig artikkel

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Petter Abrahamsen; Thore Egeland; Oddvar Lia; Henning Omre; An integrated approach to prediction of hydrocarbon in place and recoverable reserve with uncertainty measures Ukjent, 1992. Vitenskapelig artikkel

Dan Johan Weydahl; Rune Solberg; Registration of the use of agricultural fields and soil erosion using satellite remote sensing Ukjent, 1992. Vitenskapelig artikkel