Lars Holden is a research director, and chairman of the board at the Association of Research Institutes in Norway, FFA.

Holden was managing director at Norwegian Computing Center from 2001 – 2022. He has been central in the development of the Norwegian Research Sector and Norwegian Research policy the last 10 years. He has founded two private companies based on own research and been part time professor in applied mathematics at University of Oslo. He has written more than 40 scientific articles in mathematics, both theory and with applications including geology, gene technology, finance and history and he is still an active researcher.

Other CV’s

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  • 1983 – Cand. Scient, numerical analysis, University of Oslo
  • 1990 – Dr. Philos, mathematics, University of Oslo

Work experience

Norsk Regnesentral

  • 2022 – Research director
  • 2001 – 2022 Managing director (CEO)
  • 1990 – 2001 Research director
  • 1984 – 1989 Research scientist
  • 1995 – 1997 Professor, part-time, applied mathematics, University of Oslo

Administrative chairs

  • Chairman of board, Association of Research institutes in Norway (all institutes) 2009-
  • Member of board, Forum for technical-industrial research institutes, 2009-
  • Member of committee for cooperation between universities, university colleges and research institutes, member 2009-, chair 2011 and every second year.
  • Member of board, Portfolio of enabling technologies, Research Council of Norway, 2019-
  • Member of board, Division of Innovation, Research Council of Norway, 2013-2018
  • Vicechairman of board, Norwegian Institutes for Air Research 2012-2018
  • Member of board, Kunnskap Oslo, 2009-2012, Deputy member 2012-2014
  • Chairman of board, deputy 2006-2007, member, 2007-2010, chair 2010-2015
  • Member of board, Industrial Council, Norwegian Academy of Technical Science, 2007-2015
  • Member of board, Simula Research Laboratory, 2001-2005.
  • Deputy member of board, Geomatic, 1995-1996.
  • Co-founder and Deputy member of the board, Odin Reservoir Software & Services, 1992-1993
  • Co-founder and Member of the board, Technical Software Consultants a.s.,1988-1995.
  • Member of the board NR, 1986-1989, Representative for the employees.
  • Chairman of the union of employees at NR (FANR), 1985-1986.
  • Member of Norwegian Mathematical Council, Representative from NR in 1984 and 1985.
  • Editorial work: Assistant editor in Mathematical Geology, 1998-2007.
  • Member of organizing committee of 9 international conferences.


I have been one of the founders of Technical Software Consultants a.s that was established in 1988 and Odin Reservoir Software & Services that was established in 1992. Both companies were bought by large international companies and the ideas we developed are still in use in the oil industry.


Elected member of Norwegian Academy of Technical Science

Scientific presentations

  • More than 40 journal papers
  • More than 50 scientific presentations at international conferences
  • More than 20 presentations on research politics at national conferences
  • Supervision of PhD students: 5 candidates

Academic book

Hegna, Håvard; Holden, Lars. Norsk Regnesentral 1952-2002 (NRs historie). 2002 pp 392.